Delta 8 Crispy Treats


Not Your Grandma’s Treat! This delicious edible is quickly becoming the hottest item out! The taste mixed with the Delta 8 oil will leave you wanting more! Check out the dosing chart listed below

Delta 8 THC Edible Dosing Chart 


First and foremost unless you are a regular cannabis user we do not recommend eating the entire baked good at once. Our suggestion is to start with a quarter serving and wait a few hours if you would like to eat more. Please do not drive or operate machinery while consuming edibles. Keep out of reach of children. 

To avoid overconsumption, it is essential to "know your dose". We recommend going low and slow. This will allow you to gradually build confidence in using Delta 8 and help to mitigate any unwanted side effects. See our edible dosage mg chart below. (Please note we are not doctors, this information is for educational purposes): 

1 -5mg: New cannabis consumers and those looking to microdose. 

5 -15mg: Occasional cannabis consumers (A few times per month). 

15 -25mg: Regular cannabis consumers (A few times per week). 

25 +mg: Heavy cannabis consumers (Daily). 


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Delta 8 Crispy Treats
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